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MAXIMUS, the leader in agricultural technology solutions.

More than 25 years of combined experience in the agriculture and IT development fields allow us to design innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

Developed and manufactured in Québec (Canada), the MAXIMUS controller offers automation and monitoring features to manage all the parameters of your livestock buildings. Using the latest mobile and digital technologies, it collects all relevant production data to improve the performance of your operations.

MAXIMUS also offers a complete production monitoring software, MAXIMUS Software, based on data collected in real time. Comparative analysis and customized reports are generated to support quick and informed decisions.

MAXIMUS is the result of a close collaboration between local and international agricultural producers to develop scalable solutions that combine animal welfare and productivity.

Les Équipements Avipor

Specializing in the poultry and pork sectors for over 40 years, this company offers a wide range of livestock products and is an official MAXIMUS dealer. Follow AVIPOR on Facebook or send them a message through their website avipor.com.

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