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Jefo is a global leader in high-performance, non-medicated nutritional solutions for animals. Founded in Canada in 1982, Jefo markets its species-specific products in over 80 countries and has offices worldwide. As the preferred supplier for those striving to reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics in their production systems, the company invests in innovation and development. With its commitment to Life, made easier, Jefo takes a practical approach to communicate its results based on complex scientific research and testing methods.

Jefo aims to improve animal health and increase human longevity by feeding growing populations with better protein sources. To achieve this, it produces species-specific protected formulas with innovative Jefo Matrix Technology, which takes into account the digestive transit time of each species to allow for targeted release of nutrients in the intestines.

The company offers various solutions such as essential oils, acidifiers, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and bypass fats, which are divided into three programs: Jefo Care – Health and Prevention, Jefo Peak – Production and Performance, and Jefo Cycle – Reproduction.

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