Technical and Economical Challenges of Layers Production Beyond 70 Weeks of Age (Table Egg)


Maintaining the profitability of egg production from layers beyond 70 weeks of age requires special technical and nutritional management. This management must be planned from an early age to ensure the required egg quality until the end of laying, whatever the market.


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Nicolas Despas, P. Ag.
Animal scientist specialized in laying poultry, Mixscience

Animal scientist specialized in laying poultry; Nicolas Despas was born in Bretagne, a stock-breeding land located in western France.

Agricultural engineer, graduate of the Rouen UniLaSAlle in 2006, he began my career in 2006, formulating multi-species feed for French and international clients of Groupe Avril. In 2009, he joined Sanders Ouest (a French subsidiary of Groupe Avril) to specialize in layer, broiler, breeder and fowl feed formulation. His mission was to optimize the feed composition to meet nutritional, economical and technical manufacturing requirements. This mission enabled him to regularly keep in touch with the production managers, as well as the technical and sales personnel, the raw material buyers, the researchers and the nutritionists. All these contacts convinced him to continue this adventure with Groupe April, in Mixscience in 2013.

Since 2013, Mr. Despas specialized in the management of pullets, layers and fowls. His role is the technical and economical definition and valuing of R&D trials (carried out internally at the Mixscience Research Center or outsourced in reference farms) and to promote a wide range of innovative technical and nutritional solutions. He also take part in the national and international technical coordination between production managers for different organizations, the technical personnel and the poultry breeders, the formulation as well as feed and premix manufacturing plants.

Over the years, his consistent professional path has reinforced my poultry production expertise.

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