Post COVID – “No money….no problem”


Even though the macroeconomic environment has changed with lightening speed since last March, some changes related to the lockdown period implemented then will be structural. Beyond teleworking, rural exodus, rising nationalism and changes in consumption patterns, we are potentially entering a new monetary regime. What will the impact be on commodity prices if the US dollar loses its reserve currency status? A complete macroeconomic overview of the Canadian and U.S. economies will help you get a clearer picture.


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Alexandre Charbonneau
Director, Negotiation and Business Development, Desjardins

During the last few years, Alexandre Charbonneau has been a foreign exchange trader for the FX and Interest rates derivatives team of Desjardins. His mandate is mainly to manage the risk resulting from the foreign exchange transactions made by their business customers (SMEs, large corporations, institutions). In addition to his trading mandate, his market expertise and his geopolitical knowledge on different issues have been used to better serve the institutional clientele.

Since November 2019, he also holds a Business Development Manager position. He thus has been advising businesses of all types and sizes in the design and implementation of their exchange risk management policy.

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