Innovation in Poultry: a Necessary Opportunity


The late Clayton Christensen in his book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” defined disruptive/transformational innovation as disrupting and eventually displacing current practice.  The Agricultural Technology Research Program at Georgia Tech seeks to drive transformation innovation in Poultry, Agribusiness and Food Manufacturing through research efforts ranging from growout house and deboning robotics, audio and chemical sensing, to novel environmental and wastewater treatment technologies.


Douglas Britton, Ph. D.
Manager, Agricultural Technology Research, Georgia Tech Research University

Douglas Britton is a Principal Research Engineer and Manager of the Agricultural Technology Research Program at Georgia Tech. This program is focused on driving transformational innovation in advanced technologies for poultry, agribusiness, and food manufacturing. His efforts entail working with stakeholders in academia, industry, and the public sector, to identify challenges and translate them into actionable research initiatives. Britton’s technical expertise is in image/signal processing applied to a variety of food processing applications.

He is passionate about defining the future of poultry and food production and processing and infusing new concepts into very traditional fields.

Mr. Britton has a B.S. degree from LeTourneau University, M.S. degree from the University of Tennessee, and Ph.D. from the Georgia Tech. He is a member of IEEE, the Poultry Science Association, and a fellow of the Food Systems Leadership Institute.

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