In-ovo sexing: The Citizen, the European Consumer and the Halt to Male Chicks Elimination in the Layer Industry

At the end of 2022, France will forbid culling male chicks from layer stock.

In-ovo sexing is seen as the choice alternative to ensure no suffering for chicks. However, it is anticipated that this new technique will result in additional costs for the supply chain and the consumer. How will this impact the supply chain and its breeders?

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François Tilly
Poultry specialist MiXscience

Since 2020, François Tilly is in charge of Mixscience's layer and breeder service (700,000 tonnes of feed). This agricultural engineer, graduating from the École UniLaSalle de Beauvais in 2010, has worked in an animal feed company as layer and breeder specialist in France, and internationally for 8 years. He then joined Mixscience in 2018 as a poultry nutritionist.

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