Artificial Intelligence, the Future of Poultry Production


Today, precision is desired by those involved in eggs, broilers and turkeys but in the future with the different forms of data being collected, it would be possible to be precise in our nutrition, our management and our disease control. This conference will address artificial intelligence, the future of poultry production. The use of sensors, cameras, extended reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, the use of data and how those together with the changes which we have seen in genomics and nutrigenomics are capable of transforming the poultry business in Canada in the next 10 years.

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Aidan Connolly
President AgriTech Capital

Aidan Connolly is President of AgriTech Capital, a resource for new and established companies working at the interface of agriculture and technology.

Prior to this, he was CEO at Cainthus and CIO at Alltech among other senior roles in a 25 year plus career at that company. He is also a non-executive director at Origin Enterprises, the leading crop inputs company in Northern Europe.

AgriTech Capital has aided governments, fortune 500 food companies and large agri-businesses on their AgTech strategy. Mr. Connolly adds the innovative thinking and capital investment needed to go from possibility to reality. He has a strategic understanding of the marketplace and the regulatory parameters that set the environment.

He has worked in over 100 countries and speaks five languages. He has worked in political associations, with state and national governments in the US, China, Europe and Brazil, international organizations such as the European Union and the United Nations.

Mr. Connolly also contributes to a wide range of publications in agriculture and business, including Forbes.

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