The Success of My Failures


With her strong personality, great culture, overwhelming enthusiasm and unbridled humour, Kim Thuy, lecturer, will stun you with her comments. Since her early childhood, her life is going from one twist to another, and her failures always turn into successes. Her trick? Letting go. Kim has that amazing knack of not worrying about life and turns every situation to her advantage. You will discover among other things, how this “boat people” kid from Vietnam became a few years later a skilled lawyer that even worked as an advisor to the Vietnam Government in its transition towards democracy. Or how the failure of her restaurant became a springboard for her novelist’s career.

For sure, her talk and her story will not leave you indifferent and will even make you want to transform your own failure into success.

Kim Thùy
Speaker and author

Kim Thuy, guest speaker, left Vietnam with other boat people at the age of ten and moved to Québec with her family. Holding both translation and law degrees, the writer worked a seamstress, interpreter, and lawyer and she owned a restaurant. Kim Thúy received several awards, including the 2010 Governor General's Literary Awards, and was one of the finalists for the Alternative Nobel Prize in 2018. Her books, with sales of more than 850,000 copies in the world, were translated in 29 languages and distributed in 40 countries and territories. Kim Thúy lives in Montréal and devotes her time to writing.

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