Why should I register to the Rendez-vous avicole?
Because it’s THE EVENT not to be missed in the industry. Because it’s the only time where all the partners of the poultry industry will be gathered, at the same place, and the same time. Because we all want to showcase, develop and promote Québec poultry industry’s excellence. Because almost 700 participants of the poultry sector are attending yearly.

Who is the Rendez-vous avicole for?
This event is for producers, stakeholders and the younger generation of the poultry industry.

Who are the stakeholders?
The stakeholders are people “involved” in the poultry sector on different levels. They can be input and service suppliers, financial institutions, educational institutions, etc. It includes all the people that are not breeders or farm managers/employees, or student.

Who are the producer?
They are producers involved in the poultry industry.

How and when can I get my continuing education accreditation?
You will be able to download it from the event’s website.

Do we have Internet access?
The Wi-Fi Internet connection is available free of charge in the Convention Center, with limited download.

Will I find food and beverages on site?
Your subscription includes your meal, available beverages as well as appetizers during cocktail. A restaurant and a coffee shop will also be accessible via the Centre de congrès, for a fee.

Can I attend the event if I have food restrictions (Allergies, intolerances, etc.)?
If you provide the information about your feed restrictions on your registration form, we will do everything in our power to take the necessary measures for the meals, and a specific meal can be offered, if applicable. It’s possible, depending on the suppliers that we may not be able to meet that request, and you will be informed.

Furthermore, if you have not included that information in advance and a change is required on site, you may have to pay an additional fee equal to the meal value. We invite you to let us know as soon as possible of any food allergies or intolerance.

Can I leave my coat and boots somewhere?
Your registration includes a coat check.

Must I bring or plan for specific things during an event?
The conferences will be available in a downloadable version from the website a few days before the event. You will be able to save it for on-site use or for printing.

When can we register?
Registration begins in September.

Can I register of the day of the event?
It’s always better to preregister via the website or by phone since space is limited. It will be possible to register on the day of the event but we can’t guarantee you’ll get a meal.

What is included in my registration?
One registration includes the conferences, lunch, booth visits and the Exhibitor’s Cocktail.

What will happen with the information I provided during the registration?
No information provided during registration is sold or shared to third parties. The information you will provide will be used mainly to identify the profile of the participants and their interests to better meet their expectations the following year. It also used to communicate with you in case of a problem with your registration.

How can I receive the student discount?
To receive the student discount, the participant must be a full time student from an institution accredited by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS). A valid student card may be required on the day of the event.

What can I do if my registration will not proceed to the payment step?
First, check that all the required fields are completed. If they are, call us at 450 799-2440 and we will complete the registration for you.

What are my payment options?
Via Stripe (simple and secure) by completing your registration online. After registering online, you can pay with Visa or MasterCard by calling us at 450 799-2440 or by email at info@aqinac.com

What if online payment is not working?
Contact us to pay with Visa or MasterCard. Your registration needs to be paid for your place to be guaranteed.

Will I get a receipt for my registration?
Keep your registration and payment confirmations received by email, as these are your official receipts. If necessary, contact 450 799-2440.

What can I do if I want to cancel my registration?
Since we have expenses for every participant, refunds will not be possible. But if you find someone to replace you, we will be happy to modify your registration without any additional fee; contact us.

What proof of registration should I bring on the day of the event?
No proof will be required. Only the last name, first name and company name of the registered participant will be requested.

How can I be one of the financial partners?
To contact the event’s organizer, you can call 450-799-2440 or send an email to: commandite@aqinac.com
See the Financial sponsorship plan

If I am a financial partner, will I be automatically registered to the event?
Some options give one or more free registrations. Refer to the Financial sponsorship plan for the chosen option or send an email to commandite@aqinac.com or at 450 799-2440.

How can I be one of the exhibitors?
To contact the event’s organizer, you can call 450-799-2440 or send an email to: commandite@aqinac.com
See the Financial sponsorship plan

What are the Set-up and Tear-down schedules?
You will find the Set-up and Tear down schedules in the EXHIBITOR’S HANDBOOK. Please refer to the handbook for more information.

Is there any parking nearby?
Many free parking are available near the Convention Center.

Is it possible to have Wi-Fi access in my booth?
The Wi-Fi Internet connection is available free of charge in the Convention Center, with limited download. If you prefer a private connection, please refer to the Exhibitor’s handbook.

What is the Exhibitor’s Cocktail?
The Cocktail will be held from 5:00 pm to 7 pm in exhibitors’ room of the Rendez-vous avicole. This is an excellent opportunity to meet our exhibitors and do some networking with other participants. Appetizers and drinks will be available.

Must I register to the Exhibitor’s Cocktail?
Any person registering to the Rendez-vous avicole Conference Day can participate to the Exhibitor’s Cocktail for free. We still invite you to let us know if your intention is to participate by checking the box provided on the registration form.

What subjects will be addressed in the conferences?
The conferences will address real and timely issues facing the poultry industry, in Canada and the world. In the morning, the conferences will treat subjects for everyone in the industry. In the afternoon, people will be able to register for specialized workshops, specifically designed to address the needs of every sector’s of the industry.

Can I attend another workshop than the one I registered for?
It will be possible to attend another workshop than the one you registered for. You don’t have to notify us. We ask people to register early because the workshop rooms will be assigned according to the number of early registrations. The information is used as a guide.

Will the conferences only be presented in French?
The conferences will be presented in both languages. A simultaneous interpretation service will be provided.

After the event, will I have access to the conferences I could not attend?
A few days after the event, depending on the speakers’ authorizations, the presentations will be available (PDF and video format) on the website. Presentations from previous editions are also available in the program section.

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