Inclusion Bodies Hepatitis: Unforgettable?

Many of us thought that the solution for this disease had been found several years ago. Even forgotten? However, the sudden increase in the number of cases, in their severity and tenacity have been the source of headaches for many.

Are there potential solutions to keeping our head above water?

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Jean-Philippe Doyon, DVM
Veterinary Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc.

Dr. Jean-Philippe Doyon graduated from the University of Montreal's Veterinary Medicine Faculty in 2009.

Since then, his focus is mainly on poultry production, working with the Shur-Gain/Trouw Nutrition team for the different internal operations and with its clientele. He follows up with hatcheries and the clients in different poultry production sectors.

His career has led him to sit on different committees with the Association des vétérinaires en industries animales du Québec, the Association québécoise des industries de nutrition animale et céréalière, MAPAQ's Réseau d’alerte et d’information zoosanitaire (RAIZO), the Couvoiriers du Québec and the Équipe québécoise de contrôle des maladies avicoles.

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